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Two Branches Package

The Two Branches Package will take two of your family’s lines back to the early 1800's giving you details of the lives of two of your family names (e.g. your father’s surname and your mother’s surname). We will provide you with a comprehensive family history report on the two surnames supported by official documents which are included in the package cost (sample report).

The Two Branches Package costs £470. The package will normally take about three months to complete. If you require it to be completed more quickly please discuss this with us at the initial free consultation.

Contact us today if you have any questions about this package or go to our ordering page if you would like to order your Two Branches Package.

Two branches of your family tree

Maybe he was just old?

The survival of records other than the birth, marriage, death and census records can help to give a much better picture of the lives of ancestors.

The death certificate of George Rogers pointed us in this direction. He died in the Lunatic Asylum in Barming Heath, Kent and their records have survived.

From the Asylum records we were able to get a picture of the last few years of George’s life and his relationships with his relatives.

He is reported as being in good bodily health but insane, often prone to muttering, swearing and violence. His son is reported as saying that his father “was going to do for him” so presumably George was not admitted voluntarily.

The treatment for his melancholia consisted of port wine, arrowroot and beef tea. His treatment is recorded in detail and eventually as his mental health remained poor his physical health deteriorated until 5 years later he died of senile decay.

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