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Terms and Conditions

These are our terms and conditions for the research we will undertake for you.

  1. All the research we do for you and all the information you provide us will be kept confidential. Recognising this we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the 1984 Data Protection Act.
  2. We provide a free initial consultation to make sure we understand your requirements and you are aware of the service we provide.
  3. All our research is supported by official documents which we will supply to you as part of the final report.
  4. Please note that we do not trace the whereabouts of living individuals.
  5. We will carry out your research based on the information you provide us. We cannot be responsible for any errors contained in this information. If you wish we can substantiate the information you provide us for an additional fee.
  6. Our package research is limited to the United Kingdom.
  7. We will keep in regular contact with you as the research progresses. This will be done by whichever means of communication you prefer.
  8. We have normal completion times for our packages. However, if you need a quicker completion of the package we are happy to discuss this at the initial free consultation. Please be aware that completing a package more quickly will incur a greater cost.
  9. Occasionally we may reach a dead end in the research and not be able to proceed further. In this case we will inform you and agree with you how you would want us to proceed. You will only pay for the work done if this does happen.
  10. We will keep a log of all the work we undertake in your research assignment and this will form part of the final report. It will allow you to see how we produced your tree and give you pointers to other lines you may wish to pursue in the future.
  11. A 30% deposit is required for all packages prior to the work starting. The balance will be due on completion of the research. We will send you the final report on receipt of the balance due.
  12. Payment can be made by Cheque or Paypal.
  13. Before starting a tailored research assignment we will agree with you the scope of the project and the costs associated with it. We will not exceed the agreed costs unless we get a further agreement from you to proceed and the initial fee has been paid.
  14. We normally carry out our research from our office. However we may need to carry out research outside of Sheffield. If we need to do this case we will charge out of pocket expenses which we will always agree with you before incurring them.
  15. When you ask us to begin research you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.
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