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Have you some family history research that does not fit into the packages we offer? We can still help you with your research. We can undertake a tailored research assignment for you which will be designed to meet your needs. We will agree with you both the scope of the research you wish us to carry out and also the costs of that research before we start work on it. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

We can research your famliy tree

Poor Sarah

You never know what the future holds for someone when you research them on one of the branches of your family tree. Surprises often arrive from the most unexpected directions.

Take Sarah Colquhoun. She was born in a Highland town and moved with her family as they followed the work to Dunblane. It was here that she seems to have gone off the rails somewhat.

In ten years she had two sons by two different men, married a third man and had a child which was not his and suffered the deaths of several of them. But still her family looked after her but to no avail.

By 1897 she was living in the big city, Edinburgh and had married someone else. They had a son but by the time he was ten Sarah was dead from “apparently apoplexy”. On closer examination it was determined that she had died of “Apoplexy the result of diseased blood vessels and excessive addiction to alcohol”. Poor Sarah indeed.

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We can help with your brick walls

We will undertake a free initial consultation with you to clarify the ancestry research you wish us to undertake and to ensure we are both clear about the desired outcomes and the likelihood of success for the research you are asking us to carry out. Researching ancestry can be an inexact science and we want to make sure you

know the possible outcomes before we start researching your family tree. Please contact us if you would like to discuss what we can do for you.

We will also agree with you a budget for the work. We will not exceed this budget without coming back to you to discuss likely extra costs and agree a new budget with you. Our normal research rate is £20 per hour.

Whilst a lot of our research can be done from our office we may need to carry out research outside of Kent. If we need to do this we will charge out of pocket expenses incurred in this research. Before doing so we would always agree these expenses with you.

We make commitments to you for the research we will carry out for you and you can see these in our terms and conditions.