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Is Valentine one of ours?

What happens when you have an uncommon name in the branch of the family tree and come across someone with that name that should be connected but you cannot find the link?

Collard is quite an uncommon surname so tracing this family back was a reasonably easy task until we came across an obituary for Valentine Collard.

Valentine Collard was an interesting character. When he died in 1846 he was a Rear Admiral (retired). He left two wills, one as a midshipman in 1793 and one later when he was a Rear Admiral.

In the earlier one he bequeaths everything to his mother, Mary Collard in Deal. A link to our tree? Looking on the Parish Registers for Deal we found a baptism for Valentine Collard in 1772 with a father James and a mother Mary, a couple in the tree we were researching. So we had found another interesting branch to pursue.

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