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Special Occasion Package

Do you want a unique present for a retirement or landmark birthday or anniversary? We have the perfect gift to commemorate the occasion. We can produce a family tree and history of the family line stretching back to the early 1800's for the person or couple celebrating that special occasion.

Whether it is a landmark anniversary, a retirement or a notable birthday this package will be a special present to give. A family tree for their surname back to the early 1800’s (sample report).

The Special Occasion Package costs £250. The package will normally take about two months to complete. If you require it to be completed more quickly please discuss this with us at the initial free consultation.

Contact us today if you have any questions about this package or go to our ordering page if you would like to order your Special Occasion Package.

Celebrate that important event

Murderer in the family?

Occasionally a surname is so unusual you can be sure that when you find someone with it, they will fit in the tree you are researching. So it was with Alfred Burrluck.

Whilst looking through newspaper archives we found reports of an Alfred Burrluck being involved in a legal case. One dark night Alfred led a group of fellow agricultural labourers onto the grounds of Royden Hall, Kent to do a spot of poaching. James Grey, a gamekeeper, caught the poachers in the act and in the ensuing scuffle he was mortally wounded.

Many different stories were told by the gang of poachers but the evidence pointed to Alfred as the person responsible for firing the fatal shot. However, there was insufficient evidence to convict Alfred of murder and eventually seven of the gang were even acquitted of manslaughter. Alfred, however was, in the end, sentenced to a year’s hard labour for being on the land in pursuit of game.

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