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One Branch Package

With the One Branch package we will take one of your family’s lines back to the early 1800’s. We will find details of the family history of one of your family names (e.g. your father’s surname) back to the early years of the Nineteenth Century and provide you with a comprehensive ancestry report  supported by official documents which are included in the package cost (sample report).

The One Branch package costs £230. The package will normally take about two months to complete. If you require it to be completed more quickly please discuss this with us at the initial free consultation.

Contact us today if you have any questions about this package or go to our ordering page if you would like to order your One Branch Package.

One branch back to the early 1800s

Appearances can be deceptive

Your impression of an ancestor in your tree can be fundamentally altered by one small piece of evidence from their past.

Whilst researching Andrew Govan’s branch we had built up a good picture of a doctor and surgeon practicing in Greenock in the early part of the Nineteenth Century. He appeared to be a very respectable and respected gentleman. He even left his wife over £2,000 when he died (£88,000 in today’s money).

Then we came across a reference to an obituary for Andrew in The Gentleman’s Magazine. A different character emerged.

‘Andrew Govan, M.D. a “character” of Greenock. He had exhibited a great contempt for dress and cleanliness and appeared so poor that many persons who had known him when his circumstances seemed better, frequently bestowed alms on him, which he thankfully accepted.’

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