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New Baby Package

A new baby due in the family soon? We have the perfect gift to welcome the new baby into this world. We will trace the family line of the new arrival back to the early 1800's and show where the baby’s ancestors came from.

A lovely present for the new arrival in the family and one they will cherish as they grow up. The family tree of the baby’s surname back to the early 1800’s (sample report).

The New Baby Package costs £250. The package will normally take about two months to complete. If you require it to be completed more quickly please discuss this with us at the initial free consultation.

Contact us today if you have any questions about this package or go to our ordering page if you would like to order your New Baby Package.

A present for the new addition to the family

Where did the money go?

Sometimes you come across a huge change of circumstances for someone in a tree. So it was with Henry Clift. For more than thirty years we traced Henry working as a dairyman in London, living at the same address in Piccadilly.

Then on the 1891 census he has moved to Cometa House in Hounslow and he is now living off his own means.

On the National Probate Calendar Henry is described as a gentleman and in his will left over £24,000 (over £1 million in today’s money).

Next steps are to get a copy of the will and see if that sheds any light on the change of fortune for the Clift family and who inherited the sizeable estate.

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