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In some parts of the country official records can often only give you a rudimentary picture of the branch you are researching. If you are lucky you can find other records that can help to give a lot more detail on the family.

The MacCowan family is a good example. The census records told us that this family lived in Stenscholl. Little else could be found about the family until we consulted the records held at the Clan Donald Library at Armadale Castle in southern Skye.

The Library and Archives hold a lot of the estate papers for the lands owned by the clan on Skye and from these we were able to piece together a much better picture of the lives of this family.

We got one surprise from the records. The family nearly emigrated to Australia but the factor, Mr. Ballingal, assessing their case thought they should pay their own way as they had a boat. They could not afford that so stayed in Scotland.

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