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Full Tree Package

The Full Tree is our most comprehensive package which will give you the details of all the main branches of your family tree back to the early 1800’s. We will provide you with a comprehensive family history report on your family supported by official documents which are included in the package cost (sample report).

The Full Tree package costs £870. The package will normally take about four months to complete. If you require it to be completed more quickly please discuss this with us at the initial free consultation.

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Full tree - our most comprehensive package

A girl in every port

Do sailors have a girl in every port? Maybe it is just an old seafaring tale or maybe, sometimes, there may be some truth behind it. As you reveal the people on a particular branch of your tree these sorts of tales can suddenly emerge. Sometimes they are even stranger than this.

Looking into a Walker family in Rothesay, Isle of Bute, we came across a marriage of a Catherine Walker in this family to Charles Archer, a seaman aboard HMS Jackal. Finding two children of the marriage suggested maybe Charles had settled down in Rothesay with Catherine. Not quite what happened.

By 1881 Charles is back in England living with his brother in Fulham and is recorded as unmarried! Catherine is in Rothesay with her father and daughter (Catherine Walker, not Archer but that is another story). And she is recorded as a widow. More exploring of this branch to do I think.

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