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The Acorn Package

The Acorn is our starter package which gives you the first steps on the journey to uncovering the branches of your family tree. We will trace your family line back two generations from you and provide you with a report on your ancestors and family history evidenced by official documents which are included in the package cost (sample report).

The cost of the Acorn Package is just £70. The package will normally take about one month to complete. If you decide to pursue your branches further back we will discount the cost of the Acorn package from the cost of any further orders you place with us.

Contact us today if you have any questions about this package or go to the ordering page if you would like to order your Acorn Package.

Acorn - our basic starter package

What is in a house name?

A place name provided a link to a family we were researching in Perthshire. Broichmore was the name of a boarding house that was run by Margaret McEwan in Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire.

As we researched back on that branch of the family tree we kept coming across the name. Eventually we found a very rare record, a death recorded in the Scottish Old Parochial Records. These are not found very often but it did help to explain where the name had come from.

In it we found the death of Margaret’s sister, Helen, at Broichmore farm near Crieff. So, clearly Margaret had named her house after the farm where she had grown up.

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