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Welcome to New Branches Genealogy. We are a UK based genealogical research company providing a professional service to help you find your ancestors and build your family tree.

We have expertise in researching family trees in all parts of the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on providing a professional service for our clients and producing reports that are evidenced by official records so you can be sure that we have found your family.

Have you always wondered where your family came from, where they lived and what their occupations were? Have you ever wondered where to find your family history? We can help you explore your ancestry and realise your dream with our research packages. Our starter package, Acorn, will take you back two generations and costs only £70. Our other standard packages will trace your family back to the early Nineteenth Century from just £230 for one line (sample report).

We also offer packages for those special events from new babies through weddings to retirements and other special occasions. From £250 you can mark that special occasion with one of our unique gift packages.

If none our packages meets you requirements then why not try our research service where we will tailor your family tree research to meet your needs.

Already been researching your family tree and come to a dead end? We can help you to push the brick wall down and get your research off the ground again with our help and advice service. As professional family tree researchers we can help you to find your family history. Contact us and see what we can do for you.

Sharing a family history report from New Branches Genealogy

Stories from recent research

When you research family trees you often unearth stories of members of the family. These can vary from the mundane to the extraordinary.

We would like to share some of the stories we have uncovered in our recent research with you. We have placed these stories on some of the pages on our site. We have created a list of these stories on our Branches Revealed page.

Branches Revealed


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